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The GS Goal

Our goal is provide a pleasurable and exciting service to our Clients.  We keep the satisfaction of our Clients in mind while booking an appointment.  Our goal is to facilitate enjoyable liaisons between two consenting adults so that the Client becomes a familiar face.  A happy Client will return and more so maybe tell a friend of us.  While booking an appointment the receptionist will take the time to talk with each Client to get to know them a bit and understand their desires.  For new Clients the receptionist will ask some question that may be a little personal in nature, DO NOT BE ALARMED.  The information goes no further than the person that you are speaking with on the phone.  Our goal also, is to assure our Providers that they are going into a safe situation. 

Here at GS we hold all of our Providers to a specified standard.  We are particular of who becomes a member of our staff.  There is a high criterion that must be satisfied.  We want to be known as the agency for the finer things in life.

Some Clients may like to use independent Providers thinking they will get a better price.  One of the main benefits of using a good agency is, agencies generally are established businesses that are not going to be “here today and gone tomorrow”.  GS has been in business for 15 years. We here at GS will stand behind the agreement that is made with our Clients.  Our Providers will be punctual, discrete, well groomed and enthusiastic about providing the agreed upon service.  You will get your agreed upon time and will not be rushed or underserviced.  All of our Provider’s rates are fairly set for the quality of Provider and service you will receive.